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Creative Empowerment through Colour

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Creativity in any form empowers me to find my purpose and joy

Unlock your creativity 

Learn traditional and new techniques to create your own art

Balance your energy with mindfulness through your five senses

Share your creations with the community

Discover your personal and business soul colours for navigating your path.

Studio Diaries: A Glimpse into the artist studio and processes

Art Bytes: An inside look at happenings in the art world

Acrylic Explorations: Live paint nights to learn acrylic paintings

Fluid Art: Learn the trendy, fun and easy acrylic pouring techniques

Inspired by Masters: Learn art history and create your own masterpieces

Ratnaja Dikshit, NSW, Australia

“Out and out having a scientific and analytical mind, little did I know about the whole new creative world hidden inside me, dying to reveal its magnificent colours... until Sonal helped me to find the power within me to express myself. Since then, I am a whole new me!"

Lets start painting!

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Balance your Chakras engaging your five senses, for a happy, healthy and joyful journey through life.

Imagine being able use everyday routines to combat stress and connect to your own healing power.

You have worked hard to develop your personality, skills and expertise, and have a vision for your personal and professional space. Create a vibration of true abundance and joy with a mindful use of your five senses.

The Soul Art Express is a Journey that will teach you  how to engage the senses to heal, activate and balance the energy of the Chakras, the energy centers located along the  length of the spine. Explore simple techniques to remove energetic blocks. A balanced flow of energy is key to emotional and physical wellbeing. Mindfulness, awareness and intention is the only baggage you need to carry for this journey.

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Discover the power of the energy centres

In this course, you'll learn about the Chakras and dynamic ways to engage your senses to balance the energy with your five senses. The delivery is through online modules with course videos, journaling, creative painting and meditation . Busting through creativity blocks, you can open limitless possibilities to create the life you desire. Buy the kit with art materials, aromatherapy candles and chakra stones for a multi sensory experience


The first lap of the journey is along the lower Chakras to foster a sense of support, passion and confidence.


The journey proceeds through the middle Chakras that give expressions to our emotions and expertise.


Now we are ready to ascend to the higher Chakras connecting to the spiritual planes and find true joy and purpose.

What is included in the "Soul Art Express" kit?

A kit with materials to engage in sensory experiences for energy work can be purchased separately

Soul Art Express Kit

A multi sensory experience with fluid art, aromatherapy and crystal therapy. All materials to create 3 acrylic pour paintings, set of 3 soy wax candles with essential oils and set of 7 chakra stones

Chakra healing stones

A set of seven Chakra stones to access the healing energy of natural crystals

Aromatherapy candles

Set of 3 aromatherapy candles made with soy wax and essential oils

Yes! I am ready to board the Soul Art Express

Get ready for the journey of seven stops to a destination deep within.


Do you know your personal and business Soul Colours? The colour of the year for you?

The Colour Mirrors system reveals the power of the numbers through the lens of colour. The messages in the bottles can help you navigate through your personal and business journey with intention and confidence. Imagine never being at a loss to select the perfect colour to wear, for decor or branding! Stay tuned for live readings every month in the lounge, and book a private session for your personal empowering experience.

Your companion and guide at the Blue Amber Arts Lounge


Sonal Raje

Welcome to the Blue Amber Arts Lounge. I am grateful to share this space with you and hope you enjoy your time exploring your creativity I am an artist and coach with a mission to promote creative empowerment through colour. My artistic career has given me great joy and insights which I share through my art and teachings, in the hope of creating supportive communities. I have crafted this course in a suitable format for online delivery and with an opportunity for interactive sessions.

Yes! I am ready to unleash my creativity

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